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Innovation Clan Harassing Us

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Innovation Clan Harassing Us

Post  Authentic1 on Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:30 pm

We clan war-ed them, and one of them started harassing us, so we decided to kick him. After that we made two of our members leave to room so the teams would be balanced. ProvenBauss-, who claims he's mature repays us by post and harassing us, calling us spec nerds.

Here is what he uploaded:

What i said:

We appreciate how you cut the entire video and left out the remaining part. Why don't you upload the entire video? And your right, telling others "Fuk you" isn't harassment, thats why the harassment option was invited for kicking. Also you have titled the video "Spec Nerds" when it´╗┐ was one spec, who didn't even use a spec weapon and apologized in the end. Why don't you also mention that we made two of our players to leave the game to balance out the teams and make it fair?

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